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XMLFox Professional allows the conversion procedure from user’s application
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XMLFox Professional 3.0 is software that allows the conversion procedure strictly from user’s own application, with no user interface, allowing the user to convert a XML file into another data format in batch mode. The software has modules such as the XMLFox advance and an executable module that runs within the console window or DOS-batch command file. The XMLfox has an advance XML/XSD editor tool. It has a user friendly interface and has various features. It helps the user to convert XML encoding. It acts as a great tool in converting utf-8" encoded XML to "utf-16" encoding and vise versa. There are several other encoding supported by the software. The special interface on XML Tree view has been designed that helps to modify XML record in a table/row representation in a Grid-style window. The module also supports validation a XML against a XSD schema. XML content could be validated against a XSD schema located inside your XML and against a XSD schema located outside as well. It also allows mapping of XML to another format transformation. The software helps the user to create XML documents and validated them against XSD user defined schema. The smart context sensitive editing saves time and guarantees a minimum number of validation errors.

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